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Matching Gifts

1. What is a matching gift?
A matching gift is a gift from a donor’s employer that matches the donor’s original gift. Most employers match dollar for dollar.

2. How do I know if my employer has a matching gifts program?
Search for your employer below,  ask your human resources staff or visit your company’s intranet.

Search for your employer

3. Where do I get a matching gift form?
Forms are available only from your employer. If it’s not clear whom to ask at your company, talk to your human resources staff. Many companies have an online matching gifts program so you don’t ever have to fill out a physical form.

4. If there is a form, what do I do with it once I’ve filled it out?
Refer to the instructions on the matching gift form, but usually the next step is to mail or fax it to the chapter. Please include the participant’s name. Our mailing address is:

National MS Society, South Florida Chapter
3201 West Commercial Blvd
Suite 127
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

5. How will I know when the matching gift has been paid?
Check the “My Progress” section of your Participant Center. Gifts labeled unconfirmed have not been received by the chapter yet. It is not uncommon for matching gift funds to arrive months later. Even though they are not yet paid, you will receive credit for matching gifts for prize purposes.

Have another question?  Email or call us at 954-731-4224.

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