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Every year thousands of companies join the movement to eradicate multiple sclerosis through corporate teams, sponsorship opportunities and direct contributions. Corporations that invest both human and financial resources to end MS become part of our corporate family. By supporting the National MS Society through cash and in-kind donations, corporate partners enable the Society to raise needed funds cost-effectively, underwrite important research, and expand programs.

Contact the Bike MS team at for more information on how to become a sponsor of Bike MS.

The following companies have already pledged their support for the 2014 Bike MS: Breakaway to Key Largo. Stay tuned for updates!


DHL - Bike MS Partner   FedEx - Bike MS Partner
  Bacardi - Bike MS Partner  
Beckman Coulter Foundation - Bike MS Partner   Novus - Bike MS Partner
  American Express  
  FLS BTR Publix for web.jpg  AMR - Bike MS Partner Margate Lincoln
   Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Bike MS Partner
Miss Beth's Groves & Gifts Salix - Bike MS Partner  G4S - Bike MS Partner
 Vascular & Spine Institute  Runner's Depot
 SEI - Motorola - Bike MS Partners 
 Comcast - Bike MS Partner Univision  ClearChannel

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

Thank you to our national sponsors

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