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What to Expect on the Bike MS: Breakaway to Key Largo

New for 2014

Club 151

The prizes and awards for those who go the extra mile have been refined. Check here for more details.

Starting in February, riders will be able to try on jersey size samples from Primal Wear at the National MS Society office and at packet pick-up locations.

Party Time!
The Breakaway to Key Largo Bash on Saturday evening is back, and also stay tuned for Bike MS Kick-Off party announcements.

The Bike MS Awards Ceremony is returning. It will be held in June to recognize the outstanding efforts of riders, volunteers, and committee members.

Before the Tour

Bike MS staff members are available to answer questions and provide fundraising tips and tools. Contact us! We’re happy to help!

Join us at one of the kick-off parties being scheduled for 2014. Check the calendar for details.

Attend a safety workshop taught by certified instructors and learn to share the road. Workshops will be posted to the calendar.

During the Tour

While you ride, you should only be concerned about two things: having fun and riding safely! We take care of all the rest. Here are just a few of the things you can count on during event weekend.

SAG WagonSAG Support
SAG (Support and Gear) wagons patrol the course and provide transportation to riders who need a lift to the next rest stop. SAGs do not stop to make bike repairs, but they will bring riders to the next stop. SAGs only move a rider forward along the route.

To signal a SAG wagon, follow these steps:
1. Move safely off the road and well out of the path of other riders.
2. Dismount and stand near your bike.
3. Remove your helmet and wave it at the SAG vehicle.

From a moving vehicle, it is difficult to distinguish a friendly wave from a call for assistance. Use the SAG signal when you need a lift. Be aware that some vehicles on the route are not equipped to carry riders. Also, SAG vehicles may be full at peak hours. Please have patience; another SAG vehicle will drive up soon. Please note that personal SAG vehicles are not permitted on the route. Please understand our need to cut down on vehicular traffic for YOUR SAFETY. Ask your guests to meet you at the finish line.

Bicycle Mechanics
Mechanics are available at each rest stop and at the start and finish lines. Repairs will be performed free of charge but you will need to cover the cost of parts.

Medical Support

Medical personnel can be found at each rest stop, at the start/finish areas and along the route. In an emergency, don’t hesitate, CALL 911.

Police Support

Law enforcement personnel provide support to help you travel safely through busy intersections.

Rest Stops
Rest stops are located every 8-10 miles along the route. What you'll find at each stop: 
• Fun, music, and smiling faces
• Fruit, water, sport drink, and a variety of snacks
• First aid and sunblock
• Mechanical support from Official Bike Shops
• Restrooms

Riders are served 5 meals over the weekend. On Saturday, riders are treated to breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sunday, breakfast and lunch are provided. On both days lunch is served at a rest stop along the route and at that day’s finish line.
Volunteers working a full shift will also receive a meal pass.
Passes for guests are good for all 5 meals and may be purchased at packet pick-up for $20 each.

Alcohol Policy
The Society reserves the right to remove any participant or volunteer from the event for alcohol consumption or illegal drug use. Riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/ or riding with an open container of an alcoholic beverage on your person or bicycle is illegal in the State of Florida. For the safety of all participants and the general public, consumption of alcohol by Bike MS volunteers, committee members, and staff is STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNTIL ALL CYCLISTS ARE OFF THE ROUTE AND UNTIL ALL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE DAY HAVE BEEN COMPLETED. Any volunteers found in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the event. Although alcohol will be available Saturday at the Key Largo Village, all cyclists, guests and volunteers are asked to use good judgment in the amount of alcohol consumed.

After the Tour

Awards Ceremony

Approximately 8-10 weeks after Bike MS, the National MS Society, South Florida Chapter will hold the Bike MS Awards Ceremony. All riders, volunteers, corporate partners, and guests are invited to celebrate the best of 2014. Fundraising prizes will be on hand for pick up. Check the calendar for updates.

More features coming soon!

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Live Events

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